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cunene   I was born in 1983 and I grew up in a little city near Pavia, Italy, in which I live today.

Since my childhood, I tried out different ways to follow my passion: drawing, painting, polymer clay manipulating and sewing.

I think I really have some kind of a creative-compulsive disorder!

I've got a graduate degree in psychology, and in the same period I took my first pictures, so I'm totally self-taught.

I'm available for custom works and for signed and numbered prints.

Contact me at cunene@cuneneart.com


"Ars Regia. La Granda alchemica", group show, 5th July 2019 - 6th January 2020, Savigliano (CN), Palazzo Taffini d'Acceglio.

-"OFF LIMITS", group show, 4th October - 1st December 2019 , Linz, Austria, Hartlauer Foto Galerie.

"Uno, nessuno e centomila", group show, 14th June-7th July 2019, Kunsthaus Burg Obernberg, Austria / ExpArt-Studio&Gallery.

"Exit Voto", group show, 18th-19th August 2018, Bucine, Arezzo, Abazia di San Pietro a Ruoti, Beu-Beu Art Festival.

"Exit Voto", group show, 11th August-30th September 2016, Santa Marina Salina-Isole Eolie (ME), Amanei Salina Gallery.

"Exit Voto", group show, 28th June-7th August 2016, Rome, Parione9 Gallery.

"Omnia, Biennale d'arte", group show, 21st-29th November 2015, Alessandria (AL), Palazzo del Monferrato.

"POP Re-Generation", Collective show, 14th-30th November 2015, Pordenone (PN), centro storico.

"Nightmare in Wonderland", Collective show, 17th September-17th October 2015, Berlin (De), Pink Zeppelin Gallery.

"Grand Hotel Loverismo", Collective show, 13th May-30th June 2015, Milano (MI), Killer Kiccen.

"Viva la vida", Collective show, 27th September-5th October 2014, Mede (PV), Castello Sangiuliani.

"Le camere oscure". Collective show, June 13th-September 14th, 2014, Cuneo (CN), Complesso Monumentale di San Francesco.

"NOW", Collective show, 12th June-5th July 2014, Torino (TO), Galleria Pow.

"Utopia", Loverismo. Collective show, May 16th-30th 2014, Roma (RM), Centro Culturale Elsa Morante.

"MassArt", Collective show, 29th March-22nd April 2014, Roma (RM), Euroma2.

"Supernaturalis", Solo show, March 9th-16th 2014, Mede (PV), Sala Pertini.

"Mad Hatters", Collective show, November 23rd 2013-January 24th 2014, Pasadena (California, USA), Flower Pepper Gallery.

"A Pop Surealist Carrol", Collective show, December 7th-22d 2013, Torino (TO), Galleria Pow.

"Il CuNeo Gotico", October 31st 2013, Torino (TO), Miaao (Museo Internazionale Arti Applicate Oggi).

"Pop 'n' Roll", Collective show. July 9th-22nd 2013, Roma (RM), Centro Culturale Elsa Morante.

"Loverismo: make love in Milan!", Collective show. May 18th-31st 2013, Milano (MI), Spazio Bugatti 15.

"Loverismo: make love with us!", Collective show. February 15th-26th 2012, Roma (RM), Centro Culturale Elsa Morante.

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